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Waterless urinals installation

How to install

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How to install a waterless urinal.

Waterless urinals can be installed into a new wash room or retro fitted into an existing wash room. If they are being installed into a new facility they will save a lot of time, money and hassle as there is no need for a water supply, tank or a cistermiser. You simply attach the bracket to the wall, hang the waterless urinal and bolt it to the wall at the base of the unit. Then connect the waste pipe and you are good to go!

As there is no water, the urinals rely on gravity to drain the waste away. We recommend that you allow a minimum fall to the stack (waste pipe) from the urinal should be 1cm down for every 40cm length.

The cartridges in the urinals form an airtight seal between the waste pipe and the washroom to prevent any bad odour. This will cause a vacuum in the pipe so it is essential that a vent pipe is installed on the waste pipe to allow air flow. This will prevent the waste from pooling in the urinal.

Full instructions are provided with each unit and you can watch the above installation video to more information.

Retrofitting waterless urinals

If you are replacing your current flush urinals with our waterless solution, there is a little more work involved and you will require a plumber. The existing pipe work will need to be capped off and removed from the wall, along with the tanks and cistermiser.

Due to lime scale and uric sediment build up in the existing waste pipe we recommend that you replace the waste pipe to prevent any of the old problems affecting your new waterless solution. Alternatively we recommend that you clear the existing pipes of any scale or debris that has built up over the years. The waste pipes can be jetted/cleaned with electrical pipe cleaning equipment but it would be more cost effective to replace the pipes.

Eco Ad can take care of all of this for you

We work with a highly skilled team of plumber who can install nationwide and all of their work comes with a 12 months guarantee. Price is subject to a site survey.

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