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No More Blocked Pipes

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Blocked pipes are caused by the formation of solid waste.

Solid waste is a a combination of lime scale in water and uric sediment in urine mixing together. This solid waste, lines the waste pipes and causes blocked pipe. The normal reaction to this is to flush more water down the pipes, but this only leads to flooded was rooms! There are 2 solutions to this problem. You could pay for a plumber to come out every time your pipes get blocked and get them to scrape the pipes out. This is only a temporary solution though, as the pipes will block again in the future. The second option is to install Eco Ad waterless urinals.

As our urinals dont rely on water to flush the waste away, there is no lime scale build up. The special cartridge in the bowl, collects all of the urine and filters out the uric sediment so it is essentially grey water that goes in to the waste pipe. Eco Ad waterless urinals don't get blocked as they remove the root of the problem...Water! Not only do waterless urinals reduce your water bill, they will reduce your maintenance costs!

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