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Do you need reassurance that our urinals work?

When it comes to waterless urinals, many people still have their reservations. Will they really be easier to maintain? Do they really reduce odours? How could they possibly be better than a flush urinal, surely you need water for them to be hygienic?


This all comes down to having being told your whole life that urinals need water in order to be clean! But in fact, all water does is move the urine along into the drain pipe! Gravity does just as good a job!


Below are some case studies / testimonials from other companies who will have had their reservations about installing waterless urinals. Some of these companies have now had waterless urinals installed for several years and will now only ever install waterless urinals in to their buildings.


Stadiums and Theatres (inc FC Barcelona & The Rose Bowl Stadium) (+) Click to open

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

Antonio Tavira writes:

Dear David Porter,

In 2006 we made the decision in FC Barcelona to convert from standard flush urinals to a waterless urinal solution provided by Falcon Waterfree Technologies in parts of our stadium (Nou Camp).

Since installing the waterless urinals we have seen a number of benefits…
• Our water usage has reduced dramatically
• Reduction against our water bill
• Improved water pressure as there is less demand on water

• We no longer suffer from blocked pipes where we converted to waterless
• We have seen a reduction in bad odorous
• The units are easy to clean and maintain and as such have reduced maintenance time and cost


Kind Regards


Antonia Tavira


Sports Stadium

Sports stadiums and Theatres

Our waterless urinals are proving successful all over the world, here are some more examples of locations that are benefiting from waterless urinals.

Helen Close - Facilities Manager Kent Union (+) Click to open

Waterless Urinal

The University of Kent

Kent Union had the Waterless Urinals installed by EcoAd in December 2012. The Urinals have had an extremely positive impact in quite a few environmental areas.

We had them installed in our Licensed Trade outlets which consist of a 3 storey nightclub and a Bar. Our water consumption has reduced, especially when we have reduced hours in vacation and over closedown such as the Christmas vacation when the premises are not used.

We no longer have to use harsh chemicals to clean them with and since they have been installed we have experienced no blockages. The urinals also look fantastic and a lot nicer than our old stainless steel troughs. 

Article about us on the education magazine

Miami Dolphins Stadium - Waterless urinals withstand heavy use and abuse. (+) Click to open

Waterless Urinals

Require less maintenance than flushable counterparts

Used an average of 160 times each during a single football game, the original 900 flushable urinals at Dolphin stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla., were draining the facility of more than water…

Waterless urinals could save 21.6 billion gallons. (+) Click to open


Mayor villaraigosa marks halfway point to city’s water goal.

“Waterless urinals represent a conservation effort that will drastically reduce the amount of water we waste,” said Mayor Villaraigosa. “I know that a bunch of politicians talking about urinals easily lends itself to bathroom humour. But we are in a serious drought. If we don’t conserve on a large scale in this city, we could actually run out of water. And that’s not funny.”

Centre installs city's first waterless urinals. (+) Click to open

Water Free Urinals

Miami Beach convention centre installs city’s first water-free urinals.

Each of the 100 plus urinals installed at the convention centre will save the city of Miami Beach approximately 40,000 gallons of water per year. The key to water-free urinals is a biodegradable liquid sealant which floats on top of any fluid…

Waterless urinals in Universties (+) Click to open


Mackenzie Presbyterian University

After more than two years in use, we are able to certify that the units function under our entire satisfaction, with absence of odours, saving water and requiring extremely simple and fast daily hygienic cleaning procedures.

Waterless urinals in schools (+) Click to open

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

I’m proud to say thatnearly a decade since our first installation, the Falcon urinals have become the standard for our restroom renovation and new construction projects.

”Steve Marani Assistant Director of Maintenance"

Member of NECC