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About Eco Ad and our marvellous waterless urinals

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Waterfree Technologies

Eco Ad offer a waterless urinal solution that has a commercial appeal in the form or a built in advertising space. We have the sole distribution rights in the UK and Ireland to a product manufactured by Falcon Waterfree Terchnologies, so if you want to improve facilities, save water and create a new revenue stream for your business, you’re in the right place.


Our urinals are manufactured by the American firm Falcon Waterfree Technologies who have specialised in waterless technology for over 20 years. They have had their units installed in places such as The Miami Dolphins Stadium and Camp Nou Barcelona for many years. You can check out all of the positive feedback on our case study page. There are currently over 355,000 Falcon Waterless Urinals installed in over 55 countries, so rest assured the technology is tried and tested.


Eco Ad not only has the support of one of the largest manufacturers of waterless urinals in the world, we also benefit from over 10 years’ experience in marketing. By combining our marketing experience with tried and tested technology we have formed a business model that that will benefit the environment, your facilities and your bottom line.


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